01.07.2022  |  Jobs

"When I hear BIPV, the first things that come to mind are AVANCIS and SKALA."

One-Young Kim is responsible for technical sales and marketing in our Fab3 in Korea. Together with his colleagues, he has acquired a lot of knowledge in the field of BIPV, contributing to the establishment in the Korean market.
Working at avancis

What is it like to work at AVANCIS?

One-Young: "To promote our SKALA products and the spread of BIPV in Korea, I take advantage of the many opportunities to present them in magazines, at trade fairs or other architectural platforms. In cooperation with construction companies, we have already realized wonderful BIPV projects. When I think of BIPV, AVANCIS and SKALA are definitely in the first place.

Every ordinary building should install PV, use it to generate electricity and beautify its external appearance. In our projects, we use the construction drawings to think in advance how to mount the modules most effectively and how the building will also look cool. For me, it's very appealing to turn an ordinary building into an eco-friendly one and promote that to people who don't yet know how to do that in architecture.

It's great to promote that. I work for AVANCIS and I'm very proud that AVANCIS is helping to preserve the environment."