We are inspired by technology
and the power of nature

AVANCIS manufactures PV modules for electricity-producing facades, roofs and open spaces, brings together scientists and technology experts under one roof, offers technical consulting for energy-efficient construction planning and, last but not least, is a career ladder for motivated and committed employees.

Technological competence
and spirit of research 

With our engineering skills and innovative spirit, we are working on ever better solutions in the field of thin-film technology, striving for market leadership. 

for over 40 years

As a premium solar module manufacturer, AVANCIS is committed to delivering the highest standards of quality, reliability and corporate responsibility, despite the dynamic nature of the solar industry.

Developed and manufactured
in Germany

As a German technology company, we stand for aesthetically and technologically outstanding solar products, which are developed and manufactured in Germany.


Interview about the historical development of AVANCIS 

Dr. Thomas Dalibor has been with AVANCIS from the beginning and has been Director CTO since January 2022. He has helped shape the development of AVANCIS and provides a brief history of the company here.

We supply technology
for the energy of the future

As a pioneer in thin-film photovoltaics, we offer products with the highest quality, design and certification standards and cover the entire value chain from basic research to production and sales.

The power of nature as a natural energy supplierPreserving our nature and promoting climate-friendly energy production is what we set out to do many years ago. In doing so, we rely on the oldest energy source with the greatest potential - the sun. 
Research & development in our own laboratoryIn our laboratory, new next generation materials and processes are tested up to a size of 30 x 30 cm², characterizations and simulations or outdoor monitoring of local and worldwide test fields are performed in alignment with leading international test laboratories.
Transition to production for maximum useDuring industrialization, laboratory processes are upscaled to industrial facilities, adjustments are made to optimize throughput and reduce costs, and new and further development of in-house production facilities is driven forward.
Extension to large factoriesWhen implementing CIGS technology on an international level, production capacities are scaled up to the giga-watt range. Here, we optimize processes and create the best possible production environment for technology development for standard or novel products.
Photovoltaic applications for small and large-scale useWith their sophisticated CIGS technology, PowerMax and SKALA modules combine cost-effectiveness with aesthetics and offer great opportunities for climate-friendly energy generation in the B2B, but also in the B2C sector.


We research and develop to improve the efficiency and energy yield of CIGS thin-film PV modules also always with a view to resource-saving production.

We set standards
for solar building since 1981


More than 40 years as technology leader
and photovoltaics pioneer


Approximately 205 employees
from 17 different nationalities

Percent made in Germany

Where are our photovoltaic
modules manufactured?


Our values reflect
our actions

We pay attention to the responsible use of social, economic and ecological resources.