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CIGS technology is one of the most powerful and
long-term stable thin-film processes.

The conversion of solar energy into electricity is one of the most advanced technologies and will be one of the essential pillars of our energy supply in the future. In order to meet the highest level of environmentally friendly production, AVANCIS continues to research and develop CIGS technology.

Four elements

The basic elements
of the CIGS technology

CIGS stands for the components copper (Cu), indium (In), gallium (Ga) and selenium (Se). The main feature of CIGS technology is the approx. 2 µm thin semiconductor layer (1 micrometer is one thousandth of a millimeter).

You can learn more about the basics of our CIGS technology in a separate magazine article.


Powerful solar technology
with high efficiency

CIGS technology offers enormous savings and performance potential compared to other photovoltaic technologies. Our modules are multiple world record holders in efficiency.

Only 550 days for amortization

The CO2 footprint of our PV modules is very low compared to crystalline technologies due to the CIGS technology. After only 550 days of operation, the CO2 generated during production can be offset again.*)

*) Module production in our Fab2 in Torgau and operation of the module under typical conditions in Munich with optimal orientation to the south.

Lot of good reasons
for CIGS technology

Elegant and aesthetic appearanceWith the help of CIGS thin-film technology, our solar modules obtain their unsurpassed and also elegant and aesthetic appearance. With their discreet look and well thought-out product design, the modules blend seamlessly into their respective surroundings without any reflection.
Efficient even in the shadeDue to their module design, our modules are particularly insensitive to typical shading situations. This is a great advantage, especially for façade installation, as the modules cannot always be optimally arranged to face the sun on existing building shells.
Long-term stable and reliableOur solar modules are characterized by the very good ratio between the possible (maximum) yield and the actually achieved yield (performance ratio) and thus offer our customers a stable energy yield over many years. 
Solar facades for extremely high windloadsSKALA is designed for ventilated curtain walls and as a product platform for architects. The approval for SKALA certifies load capacities of up to 6 kN/m² in the facade, which corresponds to extremely high windloads on very tall buildings.
Sustainable productionAs a thin-film technology, the amount of material required for the semiconductor layer of our CIGS modules is over a hundred times lower than for modules made of crystalline silicon. This, together with the lower energy input for production, results in a particularly low carbon footprint for our modules.
Over 40 years of research & developmentAVANCIS is one of the pioneers of thin-film photovoltaics and has the longest experience in the commercial series production of CIGS solar modules. We cover the entire value chain - from basic research to product marketing.

also in recycling

The recycling and disposal of our products at the end of the product life cycle is ensured via take-e-way. We fulfill the obligations regarding product responsibility under waste legislation. You can read more about this topic in a later article in our magazine.

Quality management

Certified processes for solar modules with premium quality

A reliable product needs consistent quality management. For AVANCIS, this means not only controlling all business and manufacturing processes, but also consistent further development and sustainable management.

Our CIGS modules are certified by TÜV Rheinland according to IEC, meet the strict American UL standard regulations as well as the English MCS certification. Annual audits continuously verify compliance with these standard regulations