19.07.2023  |  Company

We present our new company film

Together with the media agency TBD Media from Berlin, we have made a film over the last few weeks that takes a look behind the scenes at AVANCIS.
New image film

to the energy transition

Finally, the time has come! After many weeks of concept development, detailed planning and "shooting", we now have a smart new company film. We can now show the outside world even better what AVANCIS is all about, what challenges we face every day, give a small insight into the production of our SKALA modules and how we are pursuing our great vision with all of this:

We want to supply cities with sustainable energy. If we were up to us, every facade would already have a PV system!

A big thank you goes to the team at the Berlin media agency TBD Media, who guided and supported us with a lot of skill and great technical know-how. This enabled us to succeed in this meaningful and all-encompassing concept in the course of the planning. The film was recorded in English and supplemented with German subtitles.

As part of the Innovation & Disruption Leaders series, our film, embedded in an editorial feature, was released on 19 July 2023 on www.welt.de (available for 12 months), so that it can now begin its distribution in the media. The editorial contribution was published exclusively in German.