17.03.2023  |  News

SKALA wins the Klimahouse Prize 2023

Our Italian partner Sogimi was represented with a booth at this year's Klimahouse fair in Bolzano/Milan last week, had our SKALA module in its luggage and entered it in the Klimahouse competition.
klimahouse Prize 2023

SKALA wins in the category

At this year's Klimahouse fair in Bolzano/Milan last week, our solar module SKALA was awarded the Klimahouse Prize 2023 in the INNOVATION category. Our Italian partner Sogimi was represented there with a booth and had entered SKALA in this competition.

The Klimahouse Prize in the INNOVATION category recognizes companies and products that represent a significant technological innovation in their field. The jury based its decision on the fact that the solar module developed for Building Integrated Photovoltaics allows the transformation of a traditional vertical building envelope into an energy generator. It allows the construction of a ventilated façade, facilitates architectural integration and guarantees a high degree of ease of installation.

For years, the Sogimi Group's initiatives and investments have been focused on limiting as much as possible the waste of valuable commodities such as water, and on transforming production facilities so that they are recirculated. Based on these visions, they have included SKALA in their portfolio of ventilated facades.

We thank our partner Sogimi for their initiatives to further establish BIPV.