22.02.2024  |  Products

Expansion of our SKALA color palette

We can now finally fulfil our customers' desire for more color for our BIPV facade modules with two more great colors.

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

A few years ago, the Hemholtz Centre in Berlin decided to clad the facade of its research laboratory with SKALA modules in Blue 7003. Since then, this building with its energy-generating facade has been repeatedly publicised in the media as a showcase project. Dr Björn Rau and his teams use this facade not only for the further development of CIGS technology, but above all to impart knowledge on the subject of BIPV. SKALA Blue 7003 is particularly impressive here thanks to its pleasantly calm and homogeneous color scheme.


New blue with dynamic colour change

For customers who prefer a lively play of colors within their facade, we are now launching the color Light Blue 7004. Light Blue is particularly impressive due to its dynamic, angle-dependent color change. Looking vertically at the module, the color is very similar to blue turquoise (similar to RAL 230 60 25). However, if you deviate from this viewing angle, the color impression changes to a light shade of green (similar to RAL 180 70 10).

Terracotta for old buildings
Newe product family

Our second new color Terracotta 1202, which we produce using an innovative printing technology, opens our new SKALA Solid product family. The color impression of this SKALA family is very stable at viewing angles. Terracotta is particularly suitable for use in listed buildings. With the new color technology, we will be able to cover an even wider range of colors in the future according to our customers' wishes.