14.05.2024  |  Company

Solar cluster in East Germany founded

On April 26th ten eastern German companies from the solar industry founded the SOLAR POWER TRANSFORMATION CLUSTER "SPOT ON" e.V. in Halle. This association aims to network companies from various eastern German states in the areas of production, services and research and thus strengthen eastern Germany as a solar location.
The cluster

Founding event and objectives

A year ago, the Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, together with the transnational European Metropolitan Region of Central Germany network, launched the initiative to found the Solar Cluster East Germany. The founding members are AVANCIS GmbH, CE Cell Engineering GmbH, envia THERM GmbH, Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH, Leipziger Energiegesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Mounting Systems GmbH, NexWafe GmbH, WAVELABS Solar Metrology Systems GmbH, Yokk Solar GmbH and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Other companies from the solar industry have already taken part in the founding event, and other solar companies are invited to join the initiative.

Promoting photovoltaics as a key technology for the decarbonization of the energy supply and at the same time reducing dependencies on Asia and the USA are the declared main objectives of the cluster. To this end, the members will pool their potential and expertise in order to raise awareness of eastern Germany as an innovative solar location. One focus of the network's work, for example, will be to promote the transfer of innovation between research and companies.

founding member avancis

Our intention to participate

The reasons for membership and participation in this association are obvious. Ensuring sales of our solar modules for the coming years is, of course, the top priority. Issues such as cooperation with energy suppliers, independence through local production or the expansion of the value chain in the context of recycling are common to all members. However, only by joining forces can these issues be realistically addressed and promoted.

Price pressure from international suppliers, investment challenges, fluctuating political framework conditions and trade conflicts can be discussed and solutions found together within this new network. We see the benefits of our participation in the integration of research and industry, the expanded networks of potential business partners and the easier recruitment of specialists.

Joint public relations work and representation of interests vis-à-vis German and European politics, advice on funding opportunities, development of our own event and network formats are some of the services that the association intends to offer in the future.