Green power from the balcony - your personal energy transition

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Currently only available for the German market!

You no longer want to just talk, but actively participate in reducing the consumption of fossil fuels? With the AVANCIS balcony sets you can generate your individual solar power in the smallest space.

Balcony sets with SKALA - flexible and efficient

You would like to reduce your CO2 footprint and generate your own environmentally friendly electricity? Are you looking for a solution to make a sustainable contribution to the global energy transition for a manageable financial outlay? Start your personal coal and gas phase-out now with one of our balcony sets.

The most important specifications
at a glance 

Why balcony PVThe motivation to buy a balcony power plant can be multifaceted: whether sustainability and environmental awareness, the desire for an increasing degree of self-sufficiency or the view of the current electricity bill. Through the individual generation of green electricity, they can cover a variety of diverse needs. We offer you a product developed and manufactured in Germany that allows you to combine climate-conscious aspects of photovoltaics with the aesthetics of frameless colored solar modules.
Technical descriptionOur thin-film modules are manufactured with the latest CIGS technology in glass/glass construction and convince with a glare-free, timelessly modern design. We offer our balcony sets, which are suitable for most lattice balconies, in different arrangements and performance classes. The dimensions of a single module are 1587 mm x 664 mm (W x H). The inverter used is not directly attached to the module due to its design. Therefore, DC cables are included in the scope of delivery, which allow a distance to the modules up to about 4 m (deviating lengths on request).
ApprovalThe balcony set was awarded the certificate " Safe power generation device according to DSG 0001:2019-10". Our frameless AVANCIS PV modules have a general building approval (abZ) for vertical mounting, which allows them to be installed over public space. For more information, please refer to the abZ number provided in the technical data sheet. Our modules have all current approvals and certificates, which you can view in the download area.
Power savingThe yields given for the individual product variants were determined for the following conditions: South orientation, Leipzig, vertical installation, no shading. A price of 30 Ct/kWh was assumed for the calculation of the electricity savings.
Scope of delivery●   Pre-assembled PV modules standard color B001 (black)
     surcharge for other colors on request
●  Bracket for grid balconies (design according to system)
●  Inverter: SOLAX-X1-mini 0.6 V3 or Growatt MIC 600TL-X
     (according to availability)
●  DC cable for connecting the modules (depending on system)
     and connection to the inverter
●  AC cable (standard length 4 m, deviating lengths on request)
●  AC plug (Wieland)
●  Optional: Wieland box

AVANCIS balcony set BASIS H

  • 3,20 m x 0,70 m x 0,07 m (W x H x D)
  • Power: 290 W1)
  • Yield: 215 kWh2)
  • Power saving: up tp 65 €/year
  • PICE 1.099 €3) (incl. VAT)

AVANCIS balcony set BASIS V

  • 1,60 m x 1,40 m x 0,09 m (W x H X D)
  • Power: 290 W1)
  • Yield: 215 kWh2)
  • Power saving: up to  65 €/year
  • PRICE 1.099 €3) (incl. VAT)

AVANCIS balcony set EXTRA

  • 3,20 m x 1,40 m x 0,09 m (W x H x D)
  • Power: 580 W1)
  • Yield: 430 kWh2)
  • Power saving: up to 130 €/year
  • PRICE 1.899 €3) (incl. VAT)

Balcony set EXTRA consists of four modules, which can be arranged either in two rows above each other or in a line next to each other.


1) Valid for black and anthracite. For the performance of the other colors, please refer to the product data sheet in the download area.

2) The yield depends on the local conditions and the selected module color.

3) Valid for black, surcharge for other colors on request